Tuesday, 5 March 2013

Graduated Pipette – for perfect results

The graduated pipette is a higher version of the medicine dropper or an eye dropper. This is important laboratory equipment as it is used for the purpose of measuring and also transferring particular volume of the liquids, chemicals, reagents and fluids. The pipette has an important role to play in different types of laboratory procedures, clinical examinations, medical tests and also scientific experiments. The most commonly used pipette are – micropipettes, multi-channel pipette device, automated pipette device, Pasteur pipette, graduated pipettes and Zepto liter pipetting devices. The Graduated Pipette is also known as the Mohr pipette. The pipette got its name after the well-known pharmacist of the 19th century Mr. Karl Friedrich Mohr. He had created this pipette in order that he could transfer particular amount of liquid while doing various experiments.
The Graduated Pipettes are very narrow and made of calibrated glass tubes. They are used to measure and also to transfer a particular liquid or fluid from one place to another. This pipette is very similar to the graduated cylinder. This pipette has many graduated lines made on it at regular intervals. These lines on the pipette help the lab technician to take the reagents or the liquid in proper measurement. The graduated apparatus in the laboratory provide very accurate results as compared to other types of normal pipette. These devices are generally open at one end so that the fluids, reagents or the liquids can be easily inserted into the pipette. This also allows the user to perform the experiment with ease.

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