Friday, 10 May 2013

Volumetric Flask: Standard Laboratory Flask

Volumetric flask is one of the important equipment of laboratory glassware and is also known as a measuring flask or graduated flask. These flasks are flat at bottom space and pears in shape used to measure the volume of a liquid at a particular temperature. It has got a graduation marking on the neck which is narrow and elongated in shape to measure the volume of a liquid when it’s filled up. It can be available of various sizes starting from 1ml to 10000ml as per the requirement of process or experiment. It comes in various shapes but majorly used is narrow neck. It also contains a cap or stopper at its top of the neck.
Volumetric flask is an important apparatus used in laboratory to measure the level of liquid to be used for various processes and so has gained importance in laboratory as its accuracy is reliable. It is available in different shape and size depending upon the requirement of process. It has a high resistance capacity to high and low temperature, is non chemical reactive, transparent and can withstand with high thermal stress and also has high durability characteristics.
Volumetricflasks are utilized for preparing of chemical solutions, mixing of two or three chemicals and measuring of partial or full volumetric pressure and vacuum pressure of a liquid, holding of liquid, cooling, heating and dissolving of liquid by the various types of industries like hospitals, food and beverages, pharmaceuticals and chemicals, petrochemicals, life science research sections, environmental and geological research organizations.

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