Thursday, 17 April 2014

Single Neck Flask: a useful tool for every lab

There are end numbers of tools used by different labs as per their requirements. Every laboratory has one or other kind of specialty, and hence, tools which are known as apparatus in their terminology are different. However, there are many tools, which are widely used in all kinds of laboratories across the globe may their specialty be different. One such well known tool is single neck flask. It is used for many reasons and in many processes, as well as, experiments. There is hardly any process, which does not use this apparatus, and hence, it is considered as one of the most important apparatus in the lab. Because of different utility of this apparatus, it is made of borosilicate glass. It is considered as very appropriate material for such apparatus.
The Apparatus Shape and Size:
This apparatus is in a typical shape and has a neck on the upper part. This apparatus is available in various sizes, which range from 5 ml to 200 lit., which is very clearly indicated on the body of the flask. As this apparatus has round shaped bottom, one needs to have stand so that it can be handled properly and accidents can be avoided. There are no doubt many companies are producing this apparatus, but one must get reliable product by making a little survey of different products and their quality.
Making of this apparatus:
The primary element used for production of this apparatus is Borosilicate glass with proper composition of other chemicals. This mixture is provided high temperature, and then, condensed with low temperature. With the help of this process, the glass is made inert and well transparent. Because of this thorough process, the apparatus can bear huge heat as well as cold temperature in different processes and experiments. This quality of the apparatus has made it equally useful across the process in any laboratory.
The Different usages:
This apparatus is much helpful in almost all sorts of processes and experiments. Single Neck Flask can help one to heat the chemical directly by keeping the flask on naked flames. This flask is equally helpful for distillation processes. This flask is highly useful in vacuum condition and can be used to avoid accidents happening from breakage also. The shape of the flask is such that it can help the stress to divide across the surface. This apparatus can be well utilized for stirring as well as mixing processes. There are many other processes such as condensation, reflux etc where this flask is of great use.
Considering the different features of this apparatus, it is widely acknowledged across the industry. There will be hardly any laboratory which will not have this apparatus in it. There are many such tools used for different processes, but this tool has acknowledged its reputation due to its distinct features matching the requirements of a chemical laboratory. It is an apparatus which is well trusted by different lab professionals, and in absence of it, many processes and experiments cannot be moved ahead at all.

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