Monday, 5 May 2014

Filter Chemicals Simply and Safely

A chemical laboratory uses number of apparatuses for various processes in routine work, but typically, it has to deal with different sorts of chemicals, and hence, apparatuses with the help of which chemicals can be handled well are of prime importance. Due to this, there are some sorts of apparatuses, such as Buchner funnel, used widely across all the laboratories. It can filter liquids from solids, as well as, other impurities. Solids are blocked with its filter while liquid can get through so filtration process is made quite easy with this apparatus. With the help of this filter, the liquid passed can get collected in another flask, and solids or impurities can be kept in separate container.  
The apparatus:
This apparatus is usually available in standard sizes familiar in the industry. However, one can have it customized as per his requirements also. Usually this apparatus is made of plastic, glass, and porcelain. The Buchner funnel made of borosilicate glass is usually popular across the industry. The speed and performance of chemical filtration depends on the size of the funnel. This funnel is having an attachment of glass flask or container. The liquid with impurities is poured in the flask through funnel and liquid gets pass through the flask

The utility:
The Buchner funnel is a most important apparatus in the area of chemistry lab. The important part and use of this process and apparatus is re-crystallization, which is filtered through the funnel. Usually, the solids are dried due to the suction of vacuum. It is commonly used with the sinter seals also. This apparatus has number of benefits associated with it. The most primary among all is the process of filtration. There are many other apparatuses for this process, but this apparatus is able to provide with most reliable results and quality result.
Some areas of concern:
There are some points, which need to keep in mind, while operating this apparatus. One has to have an eye on filtered liquid during process so that it does not overflow and spill in the lab as the chemical may be of hazardous nature also. One has to judge the capacity of funnel while dealing with it to avoid such accidents. Other than such points, the operating procedure of this apparatus is quite easy and normal so that one can easily operate it. One also needs to watch the vacuum suction as, in case, it is blocked, then filtration cannot move ahead and chemical may fill the funnel with it. It must be dried and cleaned at regular intervals so that it can work well for longer duration.
There is end number of benefits attached with this apparatus, which have made this apparatus most useful across the chemistry lab of different types. If it is a chemistry lab, there is like an unwritten rule to have a Buchner funnel in it.

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