Wednesday, 29 January 2014

Safety first with dropping funnels

As a field of study, chemistry is full of surprises and intense study. The professionals who are in this field only know how accurate, they need to be while working with their experiments. They not only have to plant properly, but also have to take care of each and everything that is around them. They work with various things, which are manufactured with the same accuracy and precision. Same is the case with the dropping funnel manufacturers. This specific apparatus is specifically useful in many processes and experiments which work as an ancillary process to many other experiments, as well.
The dropping funnel is just another chemistry lab apparatus for the people who are not using them, but the scientists know the real importance of this thing. This thing has many uses while performing various functions. In simple language, this funnel is used to pour down liquid from one container to another. But in this case, safety is a big concern, which is solved by the use of this funnel. There is an apparatus attached to this funnel which is known as stopcock. The function of this stopcock is to stop the flow of the fluid from one container to another in the middle of the process. It is specifically used while shifting hazardous chemicals as the process can be done with much safety. Because of this security reason only, it has won the trust of all the lab professionals who need to deal with such chemicals frequently.
             This funnel plays a very important role in the works which involve the use of hazardous chemicals. Many times these chemicals are needed to be transferred to some other place, which can be pretty dangerous with anything else, but with the help of this funnel it is possible to do this work.
             Another use of this funnel is in those experiments in which a very controlled quantity of a chemical is required, and if the chemical is poured in excess, the whole experiment can turn out to be a big failure. The stopcock of this funnel helps to control the flow of the chemical.
There are many manufacturers that are dealing in these funnels. A person looking for a dropping funnel can look for these manufacturers on the internet where they are very easily available.
Shapes and sizes:
These funnels are available in various sizes in the market. What size of the funnel will be required will depend upon the function for which the user is going to use it and the quantity which will be transferred. The normal shapes of these funnels, which are easily available in the market, are pear shaped and conical shaped. Other types are cylindrical, which are often used in different types of experiments and these come in the graduated category. One can get these funnels in size which ranges from 50 to 1000ML. As the size of the dropping funnel changes, the size of the stopcock also changes.

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