Monday, 6 January 2014

Single Neck Flask – an important apparatus of any laboratory

Every field of the profession has some specialty. There are specific terms and tools used by every profession and its professionals. Same is the case with laboratories. There are many different tools and instruments used in labs, which are called apparatus, and one of such apparatus is single neck flask. It is widely preferred by lab professionals due to its different usages, which make it worth to spend behind. This apparatus is specifically made of borosilicate glass, which is commonly used for making of different apparatus for laboratories. The round bottom of it makes it much useful for various processes and experiments of biology and chemistry.
The Formation:
The apparatus is of tubular shape and has a tip, which is popularly known as neck. There are different flasks available in sizes ranging from 5 ml to 2000 ml and these sizes are mentioned perfectly on the flask. Due to its round bottom shapes, there are stands made for keeping it and avoid its mishandling. This flask is made of inert borosilicate glass, which makes it stronger and heat resistant. During the use of flask, it is held in a clamp or stand.
It is very well used for heating process of different chemicals. One can directly keep the flask on the heating lamp, and can complete the heating process. It is also used for the distillation process as a flask to receive the distillates. It is also having higher resistance to fracture happening in a vacuum, and the primary reason for it is its sphere, which allocates more stress over its surface than other parts. It can also be utilized as a drip after attaching dropping funnel to it. For the purpose of nucleation and slow boiling, this apparatus can be mixed with boiling chip also. This flask can be used for mixing processes, as well as, stirring processes. While application of it in a reflux process, usually condenser is fitted at the neck level of the flask.
How is it produced?
This apparatus is produced from quality borosilicate glass, which has best of the features to provide the best class quality glass across the competitors in the market. To produce this flask, the glass is provided heat with a high temperature, which helps to make it inert, and perfectly heat and cold resistant.  Thus, due to such qualities only, it can be used widely in different processes across the lab.
There are many apparatuses used in a laboratory but this flask has its special place across the line of different apparatus. This is due to its high quality and reliable results that it has gained much popularity across the world of laboratories, and become the preferred and first choice of different lab professionals. This flask is widely popular in chemistry, biology and pathology labs across the globe. The different utility of this flask has created immense importance of it in the laboratory so that no laboratory can be ever imagined without such flask.

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