Tuesday, 21 January 2014

Soxhlet Apparatus: Extract it easily

There are a number of facilities created by science, which has made life easy and comfortable.There are a number of equipments and instruments created by science, which have helped them to create more tools for an easy life. There are many tools, which help scientists to have ease in the process in the laboratory also. The Soxhlet Apparatus is one of such apparatus, which helps lab professionals in the extraction process in a chemical laboratory.This apparatus is used to extract solid elements of one type from another type of element. It can be better understood with its functionality in the lab, which helps in various chemical processes and experiments.
How was it invented?
The name of this apparatus is derived from its inventor Franz Von Soxhlet who accidentally invented it. The primary cause of this apparatus and function, is to extract the lipid elements from the solid material, which means if there is any lipid element in the solid, and if it is put through this extractor, it will be able to provide two different elements at the end of the process. With time, the usages of this apparatus are increased and now one can also separate solid elements from other solid elements. When it comes to extraction, one cannot think any other instrument than soxhlet that is the image of this apparatus in the world of chemistry and science.
The Procedure of extraction:
     In case,  the components, which have very limited solubility in some of the solvents, then, the use of this apparatus is very much required. If the impurity of the chemical mixture is not soluble in the solvent, then this apparatus can separate two solid components, which is essential for the process.
     The procedure of this apparatus is much easier to operate. One just needs to place desired solid material inside the apparatus. It is required to be wrapped in filler paper, which is later placed in the main chamber of the instrument. Then it is put on the flames with the solid element in it which will allow an extraction procedure. Then a condenser is used for the purpose of condensation.
     Now this apparatus is heated on the flames which creates evaporation of a solid material and collection of it provides with solid material extracted from the material provided. When the chamber is filled with vapor which has solid material, dissolve the soluble part, and thus, collects the material.
     Now, the vapors are condensed in the condenser of the extractor and the material which is dissolved is collected in it. The rest of the solvent moves back to the flask provided for it.
     To get the desired result, the process is repeated several times. Nowadays, there are many other techniques used for extraction purpose, but this is the primary process, which has evolved as the basic method of all available extraction methods.

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